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Where do I begin?     How does this work?     What all do you do?

Any construction or remodeling project can be overwhelming.
 Rest and relax, knowing that we will help make this process as painless as possible for you.
This should be an exciting time for you, not a dreadful one.

We specialize in custom woodworking, but we have experience in most other areas of construction.
​We know several reputable contractors in the area and will be glad to help coordinate them for you. 


Modus Operandi: ( Method of operation or process)

Whether you need a vanity cabinet, an new kitchen, or an entire home makeover, there are 7 basic steps.

1. Initial Consultation

During this meeting, preliminary decisions are made about what desires you have. We determine the space we have to work with, the scope of the project, what kind of material you desire, door style, etc. Often, we receive plans from which we can bid or estimate the cost of the project. If you don't have any plans, we will create some for you. Pictures, such as those from magazines or Pinterest, are very helpful. Determining your budget is very important so that we can design your dream accordingly. Our wish is to give you a beautiful product that you will want to show off for years to come.

2. Estimate and Pricing Phase

Once we know what you want in your project, we will give you an estimate for the total cost of the job in writing. When you make your decision to "move forward," we will get together to schedule on site measurements, sign some paperwork, and receive a deposit check.
We require a 50% deposit on most jobs to begin construction. This "holds" your place in our schedule. 

3. Scheduling Phase

If you have a builder or contractor, we will work closely with them to make sure your cabinets or product is delivered in a timely manner. Each job/project is different. Our goal is to work as efficiently as possible, to meet your deadlines.

4. Drawing and Design Phase

At this time, we will take all the decisions made during the initial consultation, and work them into your project. You will be given drawings to look over and approve before construction begins. Now is the time to make any changes you desire. Sometimes, changes will effect the final job total. However this is rare.

5. Construction Phase

Once we have your final approval, we will begin construction. When your cabinets are complete, they will be delivered to the job site and installed. If they are to be pre-finished, we will work to get them to your painter or ours before installation.

6. Installation

This is the exciting part of any project. You get to see your dream becoming a reality and how your planning ha paid off. Installation usually takes a couple of days, sometimes longer for larger projects. If your project is large, we often break construction and installation into several phases. We will let you know up front if this is the case.

7. Punch Out

This is an industry term basically meaning final adjustment. After the cabinets have been stained/painted, we will adjust the doors and drawers, add any hardware (such as lazy susans, etc.), and make any others adjustments. We like to do this once the countertops, flooring, and lighting, etc., are installed. This minimizes the amount of traffic that will be on or around your final product. However, we are flexible on this issue.

We, at Adamcik Custom Solutions, make it our mission to see that the customer is completely satisfied. We know that there are contractors out there, unfortunately, that are less than forthcoming and don't always pay attention to customer service. We take pride on offering the best customer service out there. Most of our business, comes from referrals and repeat customers. Without these, we would not remain in business.

A wise man once said,

"Your customer will remain your customer in the absence of something better.
 Make sure there is nothing better." 

We stand behind this and look forward to serving you!