Frequently Asked Questions 

1. What materials will you use in making the cabinets? 

Hardwood core sheet goods (plywood) for the cases and solid hardwood for the face frames are a must for longevity. NO particle board or MDF is used in the cabinet case (box.)

2. How are the cabinets being assembled? 

The cases are nailed and stapled together. The face frames are glued and nailed to the cases and are held together with face frame screws using pocket joinery.

3. What about finishing?

Do I need to provide a painter? The painting and/or staining can be completed several different ways. Often, in new construction and remodels, the finishing is done onsite by a painter. However, we can offer to have your project pre-finished before installation. This, however, will require "touch-up" once the job is installed.

4. How are the drawers and roll out shelves made? 

While dovetail drawers are the strongest and will outlast your cabinetry, we use dado construction which is plenty strong for the life of your cabinetry. All drawer bottoms are made of plywood.

5. What Hardware will you use? 

The drawer guides are full extension with stainless steel  ball bearings. The door hinges are Blum concealed hinges. There are many other brands out there that are cheaper. BUT, you truly do get what you pay for when dealing with hardware.

6. What are my doors made of and what will the style be? 

Raised panel,flat panel, Shaker...there are many styles. We can determine what door style you prefer during a consultation.  Inset or Overlay refer to cabinet positioning.  Inset doors are  inline and flush with the face frame.  Overlay doors overlaps the face frames. These are "more forgiving" and adjustable when shifting and settling occurs in your house. As for material, solid wood will lend itself to a long life.  Remember in design, the taller and wider the door, the more chance the door has to warp. 

7. Will you provide the design and shop drawings or will I need to? 

This is one aspect where cabinet design can make or break the feel and usefulness of your kitchen.  We have many years of experience in design, and will make sure that your kitchen is the nicest and the most functional it can be. We will provide drawings for your approval before any construction begins.

8. What is behind the doors? 

This is a tricky one because when you approve drawings, many times the number of shelves, slide out drawers, trash bin receivers, and many other items can be left out of the conscious.  This is a great time to tackle expectations on what is included. Though we make every effort to be as thorough as possible, the time to ask about this is during the design and approval process.

9. How long will the cabinets take to make and install? 

This is a simple question, and can only be determined once the size of the project is determined. It is important to realize that there needs to be some room for flexibility as with any construction project.

10. Is the installation included? 

Installation is included unless otherwise noted. It is important for us to install our product so that we can insure that our customers are satisfied.

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